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Ratings & Reviews

4.2 average rating

  • We've been travelling with the BedBox for over a year now and it's become an essential for our holidays with 2 young kids. It's SO much quicker to zip around... read more

    Tina P. Avatar
    Tina P.
    3 weeks ago

    As a family who travels a lot, I highly recommend this JetKids bed box! My twins were using it since they were 12 months old until now (3YO). We are... read more

    Sivan G. Avatar
    Sivan G.
    1 month ago

    What would we do without our bed box? We have been using this product since our daughter was 2 years old. We first started using just the bed portion, as... read more

    Marissa H. Avatar
    Marissa H.
    1 month ago
  • We made it to Air Canada, yay! From Manila to Narita, Japan with 4 hours Lay over and then Narita, Japan to Vancouver, Canada. 😊 It made our trip much... read more

    Shaiyne D. Avatar
    Shaiyne D.
    1 month ago

    Ich finde die Box ganz toll! Leider ist eine Niete am Deckel gebrochen, aber das Service Team war super nett und schnell. Ganz toller Service!

    I really like this boxes....
    read more

    Jenny W. Avatar
    Jenny W.
    1 month ago

    We are so glad we bought the Jetkids bedbox, it was a lifesaver for our trip. Our son had so much fun zipping around on it and he could stretch... read more

    Bee J. Avatar
    Bee J.
    1 month ago
  • We purchased matching BedBoxes for our 3 and 5 year old sons. The excitement was instantaneous. They now want to travel every day. They favorite game, nowadays,... read more

    Jordan B. Avatar
    Jordan B.
    2 months ago

    My twin girls LOVE they JetKids BedBoxes. One unfortunately broke. I emailed JetKids 3 days ago and they are already sending us a replacement! Amazing product, 2 years warranty, and... read more

    Silvia P. Avatar
    Silvia P.
    2 months ago

    Je suis tellement satisfaite de ma commande cette page est vraiment très professionnel

    Adjo P. Avatar
    Adjo P.
    2 months ago
  • Very nice experience with the customer service: the jetbox had a broken part and they are very fast and efficient to replace the jetbox. Big thank you to the team!

    Charles D. Avatar
    Charles D.
    2 months ago

    I bought my Jetkids ~4 years ago. It was our great travel companion since, but it broke on our last trip. I contact jetkids in hope of buying a replacement... read more

    Claire T. Avatar
    Claire T.
    2 months ago

    We love our bedboxes!! Unfortunately one box broke on the last flight, so I contacted the costumer service. I am so happy with the costumer service, they did really take... read more

    Jessica M. Avatar
    Jessica M.
    2 months ago
  • Die Bed Box ist super! Unser Sohn (4 Jahre) liebt es mit der Bed Box über den Flughafen zu fahre und wir können uns um das restliche Gepäck kümmern! Im... read more

    Bettina P. Avatar
    Bettina P.
    2 months ago

    Supert produkt og god service!

    Ida M. Avatar
    Ida M.
    2 months ago

    Dear Jetkids team! Thanks a million for the uncomplicated processing !!! we are so grateful that we have been sent a new cover 🙏🏼 many many thanks! We can only... read more

    Elias Y. Avatar
    Elias Y.
    2 months ago
  • Our kids love traveling with their JetKids cases. Cruising through the airport and afterwards a good night sleep. This company offers an amazing aftersales service too!!

    Inez G. Avatar
    Inez G.
    3 months ago

    Very good service and product. Their team member has been really nice and helped me out with my request. Thanks a lot and really appreciate that. 😊💕

    Ying Q. Avatar
    Ying Q.
    3 months ago

    Recently, the lid of our BedBox bought over two years ago broke. I contacted Jetkids, who not only promptly answered, but also immediately offered to send a new lid, completely... read more

    Felipe H. Avatar
    Felipe H.
    5 months ago
  • Excellent produit qui nous accompagne dans tous nos déplacements, les enfants l’adorent. A signaler également, un excellent service après vente, assez rare pour être apprécié 😊

    Nelly K. Avatar
    Nelly K.
    6 months ago

    We are just back from spending 26 hours on flights to and from Europe. I can't rate the jetkids bed box any higher, our son slept 10 hours straight!... read more

    Nat M. Avatar
    Nat M.
    8 months ago

    I have owned 2 Jetkids bedboxes for around 4 years now and I can’t recommend them highly enough. I have flown regularly between NZ and the UK with my 2... read more

    Claire P. Avatar
    Claire P.
    8 months ago
  • thank you so much for such an amazing costumer service. our box wheel broke and theu sent us a new one!!
    ready for our next destination!

    Elaine J. Avatar
    Elaine J.
    10 months ago

    Thank you JetKids for your amazing customer service! We recently misplaced the strap for the bedbox to help pull them along with and they were so helpful and went the... read more

    Victoria B. Avatar
    Victoria B.
    11 months ago

    So I used this most recently on a long haul trip on Delta from NY to Hawaii and was amazing for my 14 mo son. Even when he wasn’t... read more

    Cindy W. Avatar
    Cindy W.
    11 months ago
  • Our beloved JetKids rolling suitcase broke on our recent trip to Seoul in he airport once we arrived. It has been a saving grace for our family on all of... read more

    Amanda R. Avatar
    Amanda R.
    1 year ago

    Bought our son a bedbox a few years ago when we were travelling from the UK all the way to Florida when he was 16 months old. Best invention ever!... read more

    Chrissie M. Avatar
    Chrissie M.
    1 year ago

    So thankful to have it! 💙

    Martina C. Avatar
    Martina C.
    1 year ago