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Instagram post 2111614819043593120_1373370152 "Seriously mum? We haven't even left the house and you're already doing vacation photos." (I think we've all been there!) Photo shared by @mostlymosli #jetkidsbystokke
Instagram post 2110270417473808415_1373370152 Economy is the new First Class. @thildainparis #jetkidsbystokke
Instagram post 2108716339274835857_1373370152 The first girl he ever loved was the one who showed him the world. Photo shared by @michellecohnb #jetkidsbystokke
Instagram post 2106520516634043412_1373370152 "The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page." ~ Saint Augustine ~
Photo by @pureinterior_ #jetkidsbystokke
Instagram post 2105198681703157898_1373370152 Which is your favourite BedBox sticker? Photo by @kimhelenah #jetkidsbystokke
Instagram post 2100787033978234551_1373370152 Uhm... do you think lightsaber’s are TSA approved? 🤔 Video shared by @peabi 🤗 Share videos of your kids packing using #jetkidsbystokke
Instagram post 2095796995180168061_1373370152 «I never get tired of the blue sky» a fitting quote by Vincent Van Gogh during the Norwegian summer days, but also for the beautiful color on our BedBox 😉. Photo by @mamabehr__ @stokkebaby #jetkidsbystokke
Instagram post 2093676875288876341_1373370152 We can not find anything blue about this Monday! Just look at that smile 😄 @whereweadventure @stokkebaby #jetkidsbystokke
Instagram post 2091388381212357907_1373370152 Always be yourself. Unless you can be spiderman. Then always be spiderman.
Photo by @sormetsuuhun @stokkebaby #jetkidsbystokke #spiderman
Instagram post 2089991251100842015_1373370152 This little lady is travel ready! Where would you go if you could take your children anywhere in the world? Photo shared by @bebejournee @stokkebaby #jetkidsbystokke

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Ratings & Reviews

4.2 average rating

  • thank you so much for such an amazing costumer service. our box wheel broke and theu sent us a new one!!
    ready for our next destination!

    Elaine J. Avatar
    Elaine J.
    3 weeks ago

    Thank you JetKids for your amazing customer service! We recently misplaced the strap for the bedbox to help pull them along with and they were so helpful and went the... read more

    Victoria B. Avatar
    Victoria B.
    2 months ago

    So I used this most recently on a long haul trip on Delta from NY to Hawaii and was amazing for my 14 mo son. Even when he wasn’t... read more

    Cindy W. Avatar
    Cindy W.
    2 months ago
  • Our beloved JetKids rolling suitcase broke on our recent trip to Seoul in he airport once we arrived. It has been a saving grace for our family on all of... read more

    Amanda R. Avatar
    Amanda R.
    3 months ago

    Bought our son a bedbox a few years ago when we were travelling from the UK all the way to Florida when he was 16 months old. Best invention ever!... read more

    Chrissie M. Avatar
    Chrissie M.
    5 months ago

    So thankful to have it! 💙

    Martina C. Avatar
    Martina C.
    6 months ago
  • More sleep on the plane, More Fun at the Airport...what's not to Love!

    Louise F. Avatar
    Louise F.
    6 months ago

    Used the BedBox for my 15 month old daughter’s first flights between Taiwan and America. With her still being so young she wasn’t yet able to ride on it or... read more

    Athena M. Avatar
    Athena M.
    6 months ago

    awesome product! We travelled from Canada to Philippines recently and our son loved it. Only issue was coming back from Incheon to Vancouver (Korean Air). Cabin crews told us we... read more

    April R. Avatar
    April R.
    7 months ago
  • Made traveling from Germany to NZ (and back again) much easier than otherwise. Kids slept happily on them and loved riding them in airport.

    Richard M. Avatar
    Richard M.
    7 months ago

    Our three year old was very happy with her new Ridebox! She loved riding on it (making our trip to the gate at the airport a lot faster 😉) and... read more

    Lenneke W. Avatar
    Lenneke W.
    7 months ago

    We used our bedbox with our almost 3yr old for a trip from Boston to the UK. We decided to check in the stroller and have her ride the bedbox... read more

    Perla M. Avatar
    Perla M.
    7 months ago
  • Great service, great product! My 3 year old loves to ride on his - it keeps him entertained and easy to keep track of in a busy airport. It provides... read more

    Emma N. Avatar
    Emma N.
    8 months ago

    Perfect service. Being completely inept, I ordered the wrong product. I emailed JetKids asking for help and within hours the Managing Director had written to me and processed a refund.... read more

    Nicholas P. Avatar
    Nicholas P.
    8 months ago

    We absolutely LOVE our bedbox! We fly transatlantic quite a bit with our kids, we bought one for our daughter (4) and it made traveling so unbelievably easy, the suitcase... read more

    Lyndsie R. Avatar
    Lyndsie R.
    9 months ago
  • Brilliant product that makes airports (waiting in lines and walking for miles) and flying (also long distance bus and train) soooo much easier with a small child. We've even used... read more

    Angela M. Avatar
    Angela M.
    10 months ago

    Love it, he slept almost 5 hours with 10 hours trip. with KLM flight

    Tracery Z. Avatar
    Tracery Z.
    10 months ago

    I have literally traveled around the world (for the most part alone) with my two little ones and the BedBox and I would not have kept my sanity without it.... read more

    Irene D. Avatar
    Irene D.
    10 months ago
  • Got this for ma wee boy. Wee were flying long haul and he Defo got the use out of it. Made life so much easier for us especially at... read more

    George H. Avatar
    George H.
    10 months ago

    I bought 2 and it’s been money very well spent. We went all around Europe with them last year. I have been super happy not just with the quality of... read more

    Rebekah V. Avatar
    Rebekah V.
    10 months ago

    I have had the bedbox for two years already and my daughter loves it. She will be 3 this November and has been on almost 100 flights. We tend to... read more

    Elin L. Avatar
    Elin L.
    10 months ago
  • Our daughter now nearly 4 has had this most of her life. It's her must have jet set accessory and our lifesaver in long connection walks. Every trip we've ever... read more

    Russell F. Avatar
    Russell F.
    10 months ago

    We used the Bedbox on our recent holiday. It was so handy for him to ride through the airport. For our night flight from qld to Perth I set it... read more

    Nicola H. Avatar
    Nicola H.
    10 months ago

    This is a life saver! I recently flew on Lufthansa and Qatar Airlines and had no issues. I don't know how we would have gotten through such long flights without... read more

    Crystal S. Avatar
    Crystal S.
    11 months ago
  • A great way to travel with Kids! Jetkids made our flight so much more enjoyable. Would never travel without Jetkids again. My sons were so comfortable and slept for hours... read more

    Tanja P. Avatar
    Tanja P.
    11 months ago

    So good to travel with, and extremely impressive customer service - one of the little hooks came off ours, and within minutes of emailing JetKids, they replied and that day,... read more

    Alexandra S. Avatar
    Alexandra S.
    1 year ago

    I absolutely LOVED the bed box, the first time we used it it was a life saver- this is the second time and on our return flight I have been... read more

    Aileen M. Avatar
    Aileen M.
    1 year ago