Backstage: What does a soda have in common with the BedBox?


Rose-tinted glasses and pink lemonade

Perception is amazing! It is said that those of us that have an optimistic look at the world see it through «rose-tinted glasses», well yes.. They might be blessed with this smooth filter while trying to find the right gate, or need to find the nearest rest room with three kids, all sugary and calm. They might also

…find themselves flat out by the pool, reading a book when the youngest come running asking (read: interrupting the part in the book where…), for a soda.

We ordered two lemonades and chatted about nothing and everything, when the waiter came over. He smiled and handed us the drinks – the glass was filled with pink liquid, crushed ice and a tiny umbrella. For a second I forgot about the book and just watched him examine the drink. Did his tiny, cute eyes sparkle a bit? Okay, sorry, let’s just say that the pink lemonade became an absolute vacay-favorite for the both of us that summer!

Back at the studio

Back at the studio – after a so relaxed holiday you probably would need a new one just to recover – the question at stake was “what we should name the pink BedBox”?

– Pink Lemonade! The words just popped out as an automatic response, and it was almost like I was still by the pool trying to remember how that book ended. Right then and there pink lemonade just got stuck with us. First as an internal joke, then as a working title, then it became a reference in e-mail correspondences and on post-its. 

By the coffee machine the conversation would go like this:

H: have you seen the e-mail I sent you regarding the pink…
C: lemonade? Yeah, the grey strap would go nicely with it, though.
H: I know! The pink…
C: lemonade?
H: yes, the pink lemonade and the grey strap might be the right combo…
C: I really love the pink lemonade! 

(Then brought my coffee back to the desk, while my mind was drifting back to that pool side, putting on the rose-tinted shades and finishing that book.)

The color pink

All though pink is known for being a very feminine color in Scandinavia and the western world, it might be associated with different things depending on where on Tellus you are. In the west it is a reference to love, romance, childhood and sweetness, while in South Korea it is the color of trust. Did you know that pink was traditionally used for baby boys in Belgium until the beginning of the 20th century?

Maybe (for us Scandinavians) the most surprising thing we came across was that in Thailand pink is the color for Tuesday! How cool is that? We now have a color for Monday (blue) and Tuesday (Pink).

For me the Pink Lemonade BedBox is the feeling of relaxation, reading books I never finish and drinking lemonade with my youngest.

Christina, jetkids crew

The thing about colors

The thing about colors is that it has different meanings to different people. Some might think of the flowering in Japan, some of the new born wrapped in a pink blanked. For me the pink BedBox is the feeling of relaxation, reading books I never finish and drinking lemonade with my youngest.

I would love to hear your stories. What memories or associations do you get when you hear «pink lemonade»? Please feel free to comment below or visit our Facebook-page!

– Christina
JetKids Crew

How we named the Pink Lemonade