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JetKids Product and Brand Stories

New JetKids Bundles Just Landed!

New JetKids Bundles just landed! Our customers love the bundles just as much as we

The JetKids™ Team City Guide

We all live in Norway, but our roots are from different continents. Discover the hidden gems

Split & Save with JetKids™

A solution for you to Save while you Split any Bundle to fit your kids'

The JetKids Award Winning Story

A fairy tale from Norway… Once upon a time, there was a couple from Norway,

5 years of JetKids! From idea to product, and how we got there

”Being first with something new is a challenge in itself” We are celebrating turning 5

Wrapped in Merino Wool

As you walk past a kindergarten in Norway, regardless of the weather, you’ll find the

A Norwegian Tradition

Lillejulaften – The Little Eve of Christmas Every household and every country celebrates this time

A little word from our JetKids Crew…!

The JetKids Crew, you say? We define the JetKids Crew as BedBox owning families who

Our Shipping: It’s fast. It’s free. It’s global.

Global shipping company DHL is helping the BedBoxes to take off around the world with