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No, we have moved our online shopping to www.stokke.com where you can find all our award-winning products.

With the exception only of the Merino Wool Blanket, all other products are available for online purchase at www.stokke.com

Yes, all JetKids products have the same price they had at www.jet-kids.com


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Products that do not meet these criteria can, unfortunately, not be considered for return.

If your order has already been returned, we will check its condition as soon as it reaches us, and we will process a refund to the same payment method immediately after.


All JetKids products come with a global warranty of 2 years given it was used correctly and purchased through an authorized store.

All JetKids products come with a global warranty of 2 years given it was used correctly and purchased through an authorized store.

If your JetKids product has become damaged within this period, you are eligible for a replacement. If you purchased through www.jet-kids.com, you would need to contact our customer service team and provide an order number and pictures of the damage to start the claim process.



BedBox is the only ride-on, carry-on, and sleep-on suitcase for children.

Step 1: Place the BedBox in front of you seat. Optional: Use the strap on the BedBox to secure it to the seat.

Step 2: Push the side buttons and lift to remove the lid. Flip the lid and place it back on the BedBox. You have five levels to adjust the hight to match the seat.

Step 3: Slide out the extension plate. 

Step 4: Place the mattress on the seat and the extension pate.

Step 5: Relax and enjoy the trip!

We suggest a minimum age of 2 years, as most airlines assign children their own seat from that age. In addition, the bed feature of the BedBox requires a full seat for use. We also recommend the child to be 3 years old when sitting/riding on the BedBox, as the child's feet should touch the ground as a safety precaution.

Most airlines assign children their own seat from the age of 2 and the bed feature of the BedBox requires 1 entire seat to be used. The main reason why we suggest a minimum age of 2 years old (24 months) is to guarantee that your child has enough room for him/herself to use the BedBox on-board.

Dependent on how tall your child is, BedBox should comfortable for your child. We therefore suggest that the BedBox be used up to the age of 7. BedBox is tested for a weight up to 35 kg.

No, but this has not been reported to be an issue.

BedBox is perfect for use on plaines, trains and cruises.

Yes! BedBox has 23L storage capacity without the mattress, and 18L when the mattress is inside. In addition to this, the BedBox has a small compartment in the lid for small items (3L). BedBox can store all the essentials for a long haul trip with a little one.

Each BedBox comes with a mattress, an user guide, a pulling strap, and a set of stickers to decorate it with. There is no need to purchase a separate mattress. 

The BedBox is indeed delivered ''plain'' but it includes a set of stickers for your child to decorate it with.

You can choose to decorate it or not, and even remove the stickers at any point if you change your mind. This won't leave any trace or residue on the case.

During Flight

We have a thorough list of airlines that already have officially approved the use of the BedBox Sleep-on function, and more are coming. The list is updated regularly: https://jet-kids.com/approved-airline-list/

Many airlines don’t have a specific policy regarding comfort devices such as the BedBox, but will still allow its use. If in doubt, please contact us at [email protected]

Yes, the BedBox perfectly safe to use, and is a comfort device with safety benefits. Its use complies with ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices, in addition to EASA, FAA, CASA, GCAA regulations. In addition it has been thoroughly assessed and approved by a lot of major international airlines.

As BedBox is a personal comfort device, and must not be confused with e.g a Child Restraint device. Personal comfort devices and carry-on suitcases such as BedBox and RideBox are normally not subject to a specific approval from the aviation authorities. They are brought on board for personal comfort and convenience and can be used at the discretion of the crew, and within their limitations (e.g not during taxi, takeoff &landing).

For BedBox, as with most other personal items brought on board, the user is responsible for ensuring proper use according to the user instructions.

The BedBox has been thoroughly tested by Intertek towards various international test standards, that includes mechanical, physical and chemical properties.

In addition, the BedBox has been thoroughly assessed and approved by many major international airlines. Many of these airlines have also have assessed and approved the BedBox using the IATA decision tool for non-certified comfort devices like the BedBox. IATA is The International Air Transport Association (IATA), and it is the trade association for the world's airlines, representing some 290 airlines or 82% of total air traffic. Its mission is to represent, lead, and serve the airline industry.

IATA officially updated their Cabin Operations Safety Best Practices Guide, 4th edition, to include guidelines and a decision tool regarding Non-certified Comfort Devices, the category the BedBox falls into. This decision tool is also included in the “5th and 6th Edition”, latest updated January 2020, and shows how the BedBox is a safe comfort device. This document can be found on IATA’s website, here http://www.iata.org/publications/store/Pages/cabin-safety-guide.aspx

Unfortunately, not all airlines have reviewed the BedBox yet and therefore not allowed the use of the Bedbox on their flights. We are working on getting more airlines to review the product and get their approval as soon as possible.

The bed feature of the BedBox can be used during the cruising portion of the flight. This is when the seat belt sign if off after take-off. 

Yes, your child will be able to have the seat belt fastened while using the bed feature of the BedBox, even while sleeping.

The BedBox is positioned below the recline of the seat. The seat in front can still recline while the BedBox is in use. It won’t affect the passenger in front or the child on the BedBox. 

BedBox should only be used with window seats or middle seats when there is a middle row (See this photo). This is to not block any exits for another passenger. It is possible to use the BedBox on bulkhead seats, though the BedBox is primarily designed to be used between two seats.

Yes, the BedBox works on bulkhead seats. The BedBox will stay in place thanks to the mattress design and the weight of your child on it but you can add extra stability to it by attaching the strap to the bar under the seat to secure the BedBox. This is shown on our user guide.

The BedBox is primarily designed for use in standard economy but we are aware that some of our customers have successfully used the BedBox on premium economy and business class seats. Please note that the mattress may not be as wide as the seat and the extendable plate might not slide out to the whole seat pitch.

First Class seats on airlines generally recline fully to create a bed anyway, and therefore, the BedBox may not be necessary.

No, you cannot use the BedBox on the exit row. This is to prevent blocking the way out in case of emergency and because children under the age 16 are not allowed to seat on this row.

BedBox™ creates a bed or resting area for your child thanks to the lid design and the extension plate.

The lid itself allows you to extend the seat of your child by 17cm, and you can open it for an additional 10cm with the sliding extension plate. As a result, the BedBox will add extra 27cm to your child's seat.

The average space between your seat in the one in front of an economy class seat is 30cm.

Yes! There is a small gap between the lid and the body of the BedBox which allows you to take out items from inside the product.

For take-off and landing, yes.

BedBox should also be stowed during the periods of turbulence and this is easily done by putting it under the seat in front. However, this depends on the severity of the turbulence and the crew's instructions about this. Not in all cases of turbulence will you be required to stow luggage and comfort devices and this applies as well for the BedBox.

In any case, we recommend your child has the seatbelt fastened to guarantee safety when unexpected turbulence occurs. This is possible while using the bed feature of the BedBox and even if the child is laying down sleeping

Yes, BedBox counts towards your child's carry-on luggage quota. BedBox fits the universal carry-on dimensions.

The BedBox fits in the overhead compartment and under most seats.

BedBox Versions

Yes, there are three version of the BedBox. Here’s how to identify them:

Version 1 (V1): Light grey colored with either blue or red strap and accents. The mattress is white with thick arm rests that are detachable with velcro.

Version 2 (V2): Colored Blue Sky, Green Aurora or Pink Lemonade. The mattress is white with thick arm rests that are detachable with velcro.

Version 3 (V3): Colored Blue Sky, Green Aurora or Pink Lemonade as per V2. The mattress is light grey, the arm rests are sown into the mattress and will naturally fall outwards away form the child. They are thinner, allowing for more storage of regular contents. The V3 mattress can be separated into two pieces, one to use on the seat and one to place over the extension plate.

V1 to V2: (1) new colors; (2) stronger hooks; (3) improved wheel structural design; and (4) extension plate on the lid with an opening feature allowing 2L extra storage

V2 to V3: (1) lighter and smoother packaging to reduce environmental footprint; (2) further improvements to the wheels and wheel structure, with more dampening, for an even smoother and more comfortable ride! (3) new mattress, now machine washable; (4) slimmer mattress design that leaves more space for packing in the BedBox; (5) mattress now comes in two pieces for more flexibility, when e.g only being used as a leg rest; (6) new strap clips in plastic, stronger and more durable than the previous ones in metal. Easier to clip/unclip to/from BedBox.

Vertical anti-skid stripes to keep the mattress in place on any kind of seat and elastic bands, to secure the mattress in place on top of the extension plate.

Machine washable at 30 degrees celsius, delicate cycle and dry flat.

Detachable with two snap buttons, created the possibility of packing the mattress covering the extension plate into the lid. Opens up for even more packing space in the BedBox.

Yes! The new mattress fits all previous versions of the BedBox.

Care and usage

You can remove any dirt or stains from the body of the BedBox using a wet cloth. The detachable pulling strap can be washed in the machine using delicate cycle at 30° Celsius

We recommend not having the BedBox checked-in as this was designed to be used during the flight, and mishandling of the product may cause damage.

Yes, the stickers included are made of high-quality vinyl. Thanks to this, you can move or remove the stickers without leaving any residue or marks in the Bedbox™.

Depending on which version of the BedBox mattress you own. The mattress included in newest version of the BedBox sold on our website, and available for purchase individually here can be washed in the machine using delicate cycle at 30° Celsius 

Check out our how-to video's


The CloudSleeper is the compact and light-weight children's travel bed from 3 years and above. It is an inflatable travel bed for Home & Away, with no loose parts and an integrated pump.

CloudSleeper includes an inflatable base, a removable air mesh cover with water repellent fabric on the bottom side, and a custom-made packing cube. Both the cover and packing cube come with printed instructions for usage and packing.

The CloudSleeper weights only 1.4kgs/3lbs.

The Cloudsleeper when inflated is 150 x 75 x 17 cm / 59 x 29.5 x 6,7 inches

When you pack the CloudSleeper down in the packing cube and fully compress it, it is 38 x 28 x 10 cm / 15 x 11 x 4 inches

The packing cube of the CloudSleeper is a design that allows you to compress the CloudSleeper even more for packing and ease of transport. It is designed with double layered zipper. By closing both layers, you can push more air out of the CloudSleeper and compress it to the smallest size.

In normal circumstances, it stays inflated for weeks and should not leak at all.

However, as air expands with increasing temperature and contracts when cooled, you might experience some variation in firmness when, for example, moving the CloudSleeper from a hot to a cold area and vice versa.

You can adjust the firmness at any time by giving it a few pushes on the pump area or releasing some air.

These are for making it easy and quick to stow it back into the packing cube.

After use, open the deflation valve and roll up the CloudSleeper one time, starting from the pump side. Then unroll, and fold the CloudSleeper along the dotted lines, starting with lines number 1 and 2, etc.

Yes! The CloudSleeper fits perfectly inside the BedBox and still leaves some space available for some of your child’s personal belongings, or the BedBox mattress.

Age range

The CloudSleeper is designed for children three years and up to approximately 10 years (150cm / 4′ 11″)

At JetKids, we take safety very seriously, and we always test our products beyond regulatory requirements. In the CloudSleeper, there is a small one-way valve inside the deflation valve that could potentially become loose. Therefore, we consider it a potential choking hazard for children below three years. We understand this can be viewed as hypothetical to some people, but we intend to always think in the absolute best interest of the child.

No, we do not recommend that as a small part inside the deflation valve could potentially become loose and might pose a choking hazard to infants. The CloudSleeper is tested for its intended user age, three years and upwards.

For babies, it is recommended to sleep on a flat, firm sleeping surface, such as a mattress in a safety-approved crib.  

The CloudSleeper is tested for a max weight of 150lbs/68kg.

Care and usage

There are clear instructions on the packing cube. After you receive the product:

  1. take out the TPU base and the air mesh cover
  2. Unfold them.
  3. Put the air mesh cover over the base
  4. Open the valve cap on the pump and close the valve cap at the opposite end
  5. Use your both hands or foot to push the integrated pump to pump the mattress up.

The inflation takes around 1 minute. All in all, removing the CloudSleeper from the compression cube, unfolding, and inflating it would typically take approximately 2 minutes.

No, the CloudSleeper comes with an integrated pump. You will not need any additional or external tools to inflate it.

Inflate by pushing with both hands down on the pump area or by using your foot.

When inflating, remember to have the valve cap open on the pump and close the deflation valve at the opposite end. There is also a handy quick guide on the packing cube.

After usage, simply open the valve cap at the opposite end of the pump and roll up the mattress firmly one time to deplete all air.

Then, unroll and fold along the numbered and dotted lines printed on the back.

Finally, put the mattress back into the packing cube and close the packing cube with the zipper.

If needed, you may also use the additional zipper to compress the CloudSleeper further.

It takes around 2 minutes to pack down the CloudSleeper.

Because of its compact and light weight design, The CloudSleeper is the perfect bed for indoor and outdoors activities at home and away such as sleepovers, camping, family reunions, hotels, and others.

The CloudSleeper is not meant to use on planes. It is an inflatable bed for children, similar to those you would use for camping, sleepovers, hotel stays, etc. It is 150cm long x 75cm wide when fully inflated.

The main benefit of the CloudSleeper is that it is all-inclusive so there are not loose parts, this makes it compact enough when deflated to even fit inside the BedBox.

CloudSleeper has a removable and machine-washable cover, made of water repellent material on the bottom side and comfortable air mesh on top. These materials allow you to use the CloudSleeper on both indoor and outdoor adventures.

You can wash the cover in the washing machine at a recommended 30 degrees Celsius cycle. To dry, we recommend putting the cover on the base, inflate it, and let dry while inflated. To clean the inflatable base, wipe off any dirt or stains using a wet cloth.

You can purchase your preferred colors for BedBox and Crew BackPack if you purchase each product separately. If you wish to purchase the Travel Bundle, the colors are only available in matching options.

This bundle is currently not available at stokke.com but you can still purchase these two products separately.

At the moment, the Travel Bundle is the only bundle available at www.stokke.com.

You can purchase your preferred colors for BedBox and Crew BackPack if you purchase each product separately. If you wish to purchase the Travel Bundle, the colors are only available in matching options.

This bundle is currently not available at stokke.com but you can still purchase these two products separately.

At the moment, the Travel Bundle is the only bundle available at www.stokke.com.

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