C L O U D S L E E P E R™

Inflatable kid's travel bed for home & away

(55 customer reviews)


  • No external pump needed. Pump is integrated into the mattress. Simply push with your hand or foot.
  • Comes with a breathable air mesh cover fitted sheet, to help regulate your child’s body temperature for optimum comfort. This cover is also machine washable.
  • Lightweight, and made for travel. Becomes very compact thanks to the packing cube with a smart double zipper design.
  • With full-length side bumpers, to prevent your child from rolling out.
  • Fits inside the BedBox®

(55 customer reviews)


  • Features a durable TPU mattress made of lightweight nylon, which can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth.
  • Comes with a breathable air mesh cover fitted sheet, to help regulate your child’s body temperature for optimum comfort.
  • Unlike many travel beds, you can store and transport the CloudSleeper™ with minimal fuss, thanks to the packing cube with intelligent double zipper design.
  • With full-length side bumpers, our kids’ air bed keeps your toddler safely sleeping while you’re away from home.
  • Fits inside the BedBox®


Children’s sleepovers, hosting friends and family

Camping / Glamping

Hotel stays, cabin and holiday house

Camper vans

All-in-one comfy and compact travel bed


Made of a breathable fabric, the soft-touch air mesh cover that comes with this kids’ travel bed helps to regulate body temperature and provide extra support, ensuring a good night’s sleep for your child, wherever you are.


Our air bed features an integrated pump built directly into the TPU base, with no loose parts to attach when you’re ready to inflate it for your little ones. You can manually inflate this bed in under 60 seconds. The mattress is designed with two full length side bumpers to make sure your kid sleeps soundly.


The bed folds into a smart, compact packing cube, which makes it easy to store and carry. This cube is designed with double-layered zippers, so you can opt to compress the travel bed into an even smaller size when you’re pushed for space.


The CloudSleeper™ is the all-in-one inflatable travel bed for toddlers and children three years and above. It´s a travel bed made easy that´s small enough to fit inside your backpack or hand luggage. Lightweight and all-inclusive, it has no loose parts.

A true innovation for children´s inflatable travel beds
• Durable TPU coated nylon base inflatable mattress, similar material to a high-end hiking mattress
• Full-length side bumper provides extra safety to toddlers when sleeping.
• Air mesh cover fitted sheet helps to regulate body temperature and provide extra support for your child.
• Water-repellent bottom cover for easy cleaning.
• Integrated pump can inflate the bed in less than a minute with your hand or foot.
• Packing cube with double zipper design for compact storage and easy transportation.

Product measurements
✔︎ Inflated:150 x 75 x 17 cm / 59 x 29.5 x 6,7 inches
✔︎ Packed and fully compressed: 38 x 28 x 10 cm / 15 x 11 x 4 inches
✔︎ Weight: 1.4 kg / 3 Ibs
✔︎ Weight limit 68 kg / 150 Ibs.
✔︎ Suitable for children over 3 years old

Material Specification
✔︎ TPU Mattress: Strong, durable and lightweight 40D nylon. It is TPU coated and PVC free.
✔︎ Top over: Breathable and comfortable air mesh (3D Mesh) - 100% Polyester
✔︎ Bottom cover: Strong, durable water and water repellent - 100% polyester (PU coated)

Care instruction
✔︎ TPU mattress: Wipe off any dirt or stains using a wet cloth.
✔︎ Air mesh cover: machine washable to 30 degrees Celsius. To dry, we recommend putting the cover on the base, inflate the mattress and let it dry naturally before you pack it down the packing cube.

✔︎ TPU coated nylon base mattress
✔︎ Fitted sheet with air mesh cover and water repellent bottom cover
✔︎ Double-layered zipper portable packing cube

Based on 55 reviews
1-2 of 2 reviews
  1. Great packaging and concept. Pump is self contained and very clever design. Unfortunately, it just keeps deflating after some hours (yes, made sure the valves were on / off properly…hence 2 stars). Will keep giving it a try

  2. We were so excited to bring this on a year long trip (and made room for it in our very limited luggage) but are very disappointed that it deflates nightly and is unusable.

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