The world's only Ride-on, Carry-on and Sleep-on Suitcase


  • Spacious and carry-on sized
  • Turns a seat into a bed for children
  • Swivel wheels in front, for superb manoeuvring
  • Children can ride on, be pulled along or pull themselves
  • Practical top-opening to prevent items from falling out


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  • Spacious and carry-on sized
  • Turns a seat into a bed for children
  • Swivel wheels in front, for superb manoeuvring
  • Children can ride on, be pulled along or pull themselves
  • Practical top-opening to prevent items from falling out

How to set up BedBox™ on
your next flight

Economy to first class seat in just 5 simple steps.

Economy to first class seat in just 5 simple steps

How to set up BedBox™ on your next flight

Economy to first class seat in just
5 simple steps.

Economy to first class seat in just 5 simple steps
View the full journey from home to destination
View the full journey from home to destination

Fun and functional with ample storage, BedBox™ holds all your child’s must-haves. Once packed, let your little one ride it (or pull it) through the airport, train or ferry terminal for stress-free transport. Once the seat belt sign is off, BedBox™ transforms from a suitcase to a bed in 5 simple steps.

  • Ride-on functionality suitable for children 3-7 years.
  • Bed feature is suitable for children over 2 years.
  • Bed feature officially approved by many airlines.

Before you go

  • Personalize your BedBox™ with included stickers
  • Pack essentials for the journey thanks to a spacious interior (23L capacity)

Getting around

  • Shock absorbing front swivel wheels for excellent manoeuvring
  • Multi-purpose adjustable strap for carrying or pulling the BedBox™
  • Top handle for your child to hold while riding or being pulled
  • Tired feet can rest on the comfortable foot ledge

During travel

  • BedBox™ has carry-on dimensions and can be brought onboard as your child’s hand luggage. It can be stowed under the seat in front or in the overhead compartments
  • BedBox™ transforms from a suitcase to a bed in 5 simple steps
  • For use in planes, trains and ferries, where a seat extender is convenient
  • The extendable lid lengthens the seat to create a larger surface ideal for sleeping
  • Mattress and soft side panels create a comfortable space on the seat
  • Universal and fits most standard economy seats in aircrafts
  • Seat belt can be used whether lying down or sitting upright

Dimensions: 46 x 20 x 36 cm (18 x 8 x 14 in)
Weight: 3.3 kg (7 lbs)
Volume: 23 L (6 gal)
Max Load: 35 kg (77 lbs)



✔︎ Suitcase with adjustable strap
✔︎ Two sheets of decorative stickers
✔︎ Mattress with seat extension


✔︎ Suitcase with adjustable strap
✔︎ Two sheets of decorative stickers
✘ Mattress with seat extenstion

Upgrade later with RIDEBOX™ SLEEPING KIT

Does every airline approve the bed/leg-rest function?

BedBox has been assessed and approved by many major international airlines. Happy and well rested children is important to them as well. However, we cannot guarantee all airlines will approve its use, and final decision will always rest with the cabin crew. For more information, please see our approved airlines list (visible throughout our website), read this article, or contact us for advice.

The bed/leg-rest feature of the BedBox looks so comfortable! Does it compromise safety?

No, we believe using the bed/leg-rest feature of the BedBox properly does quite the opposite. On a long flight, either we like it or not, children will naturally become tired and will eventually need to rest or sleep. Traditionally, this has been solved by letting children sleep curled up in their seat or across a seat row like this (or even on the floor!). Although sleeping across a seat row is widely accepted and usually not a problem, it is not optimum in case of unexpected turbulence. Using the bed/leg rest feature of the BedBox will better allow using the aircraft seat belt, while still having a super comfortable place to sleep or rest.

In addition, the BedBox has already passed safety assessments by many major airlines.

Are there any limitations for using the bed/leg-rest feature during air travel?

Yes, it is intended to be used during the cruise portion of the flight only, and must be stowed away during taxi, take-off, landing or turbulence.

Can the BedBox be used on any aircraft seat?

BedBox should be used on window seats on single aisle aircrafts. If flying on wide-body aircrafts with twin aisle, it should preferably be used on either window seats, or on the middle seats, if sitting in the middle row, between the aisles.

Are BedBox and RideBox FAA/EASA etc approved?

Personal comfort devices and carry-on suitcases such as BedBox and RideBox are normally not subject to a specific approval from the aviation authorities. They are brought on board for personal comfort and convenience and can be used at the discretion of the crew, and within their limitations.

For BedBox, as with most other personal items brought on board, the user is responsible for ensuring proper use according to the user instructions.

Can the BedBox and RideBox be used for travel other than on an airplane?

Yes, BedBox and RideBox are perfect travel companions, and can in many cases be used as a comfortable leg rest on trains and ferries.

Can the BedBox be used during turbulence?

No, just like most baby bassinets that you will find on some limited number of aircrafts, it shall not be used during turbulence. However, to better secure towards unexpected turbulence, we recommend always using the seat belt in combination with the use of BedBox, and use the strap to secure the BedBox in place.

What is the maximum length for using the bed/leg-rest feature in a typical aircraft seat?

Some airlines have better seat pitch than others. Seat pitch is usually between 82-90 cm. BedBox can be used as a comfortable leg rest for children up to 120-130cm. Children up to 100-110 cm might also be able to curl up and lay down comfortably on their side.

Is there enough space for other items in the suitcase?

Yes, the mattress does not take up much volume, so there is plenty of space for other favorite items as well. The total capacity of the BedBox is 20 liters.

In which direction should the child be positioned when using the bed/leg-rest feature?

We recommend a position with the feet towards the seat in front. This will better allow using the seatbelt in combination with bed/leg-rest feature of the BedBox. Even though this is not a strict requirement, it is always recommended and a good practice to use the seatbelt whenever seated.

What happens if the seat in front is reclined? Will it affect normal usage of the bed/leg-rest feature?

This has been tested on many different economy seats with a normal recline angle. Since the platform height of the BedBox is so low, and close to the rotation/hinge point of the backrest of the seat in front, this will usually not be a problem.

Are the wheels lockable?

No, the wheels are not lockable. To secure the BedBox in place, we recommend using the shoulder/pulling strap around the base rail under your child's seat.

Can BedBox be used on bulkhead seats (without a seat in front)?

If BedBox is properly secured to the aircraft seat with the help of the strap, it is possible to use it on bulkhead seats. However, BedBox is primarily designed to be used between two seat rows, as this will give better support and stability.

I work for an airline and we would like to review the BedBox internally. Can you provide us with more information?

Absolutely. BedBox has already gone through thorough assessments (safety & suitability) by many major international airlines that sees the benefits can BedBox can offer their family travelers. Doing an internal assessment is something that can be very helpful for your passengers and crew. We would be happy to provide you more in-depth information, samples for your review, and assistance if needed. Please contact us for more information.

201 reviews
  • Jordan B. AvatarJordan B.

    We purchased matching BedBoxes for our 3 and 5 year old sons. The excitement was instantaneous. They now want to travel every day. They favorite game, nowadays, is to transform our house into an airport so they... read more - 1 week ago 

    Silvia P. AvatarSilvia P.

    My twin girls LOVE they JetKids BedBoxes. One unfortunately broke. I emailed JetKids 3 days ago and they are already sending us a replacement! Amazing product, 2 years warranty, and amazing customer service! - 2 weeks ago 

    Adjo P. AvatarAdjo P.

    Je suis tellement satisfaite de ma commande cette page est vraiment très professionnel - 3 weeks ago 

  • Charles D. AvatarCharles D.

    Very nice experience with the customer service: the jetbox had a broken part and they are very fast and efficient to replace the jetbox. Big thank you to the team! - 3 weeks ago 

    Claire T. AvatarClaire T.

    I bought my Jetkids ~4 years ago. It was our great travel companion since, but it broke on our last trip. I contact jetkids in hope of buying a replacement part for the catchment of the cover, and I was... read more - 3 weeks ago 

    Jessica M. AvatarJessica M.

    We love our bedboxes!! Unfortunately one box broke on the last flight, so I contacted the costumer service. I am so happy with the costumer service, they did really take good care of me and also send us a new... read more - 4 weeks ago 

  • Bettina P. AvatarBettina P.

    Die Bed Box ist super! Unser Sohn (4 Jahre) liebt es mit der Bed Box über den Flughafen zu fahre und wir können uns um das restliche Gepäck kümmern! Im Flugzeug sitzt er bequem und entspannt und hat auch seine... read more - 1 month ago 

    Ida M. AvatarIda M.

    Supert produkt og god service! - 1 month ago 

    Elias Y. AvatarElias Y.

    Dear Jetkids team! Thanks a million for the uncomplicated processing !!! we are so grateful that we have been sent a new cover 🙏🏼 many many thanks! We can only recommend her !!! 1000 thanks to my dear editor Rosemery... read more - 1 month ago 

  • Inez G. AvatarInez G.

    Our kids love traveling with their JetKids cases. Cruising through the airport and afterwards a good night sleep. This company offers an amazing aftersales service too!! - 1 month ago 

    Ying Q. AvatarYing Q.

    Very good service and product. Their team member has been really nice and helped me out with my request. Thanks a lot and really appreciate that. 😊💕 - 1 month ago 

    Arran H. AvatarArran H.

    Very disappointed in the quality of the product - Jetkids Bedbox, having only used it once, it broke twice!! Will be selling my one before it breaks again 🤔 - 1 month ago 

  • Úrsula M. AvatarÚrsula M.

    Hay varias compañías que no permiten su uso, entre ellas Airfrance, donde no me permitiron usarla en un viaje de más de 11h. Compré la maleta para que mi hijo viajara cómodo en este viaje y no pude usarla.😠 - 3 months ago 

    Felipe H. AvatarFelipe H.

    Recently, the lid of our BedBox bought over two years ago broke. I contacted Jetkids, who not only promptly answered, but also immediately offered to send a new lid, completely free of charge. The lid arrived, as promised, a few... read more - 4 months ago 

    Nelly K. AvatarNelly K.

    Excellent produit qui nous accompagne dans tous nos déplacements, les enfants l’adorent. A signaler également, un excellent service après vente, assez rare pour être apprécié 😊 - 4 months ago 

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