Let’s go, kiddo! Why choosing pre-boarding

Why choosing pre-boarding

As parents, we always strive to ensure our little ones are comfortable, entertained, and happy during the journey.

That’s where pre-boarding and innovative travel solutions like the BedBox™ come to the rescue. In this blog post, we will explore the top reasons why choosing pre-boarding and utilizing the BedBox™ can make your family’s travel experience a breeze. Get ready to discover the ultimate travel companion that transforms flights into a fun-filled adventure for your kids.

Why choosing pre-boarding
Why choosing pre-boarding

Comfort and Convenience:
One of the key advantages of pre-boarding is the ability to settle in and get comfortable. The BedBox™, a versatile travel gadget, is a comfortable leg rest or a fully functional children’s bed during the flight. By choosing pre-boarding, you can secure extra time to prepare the BedBox™ for use during the flight. No more restless legs or uncomfortable sleeping positions—your little one can relax and enjoy a peaceful flight experience.

Extra Time and Space:
Picture this: you step onto the plane before the crowds, with plenty of time and space to organize your essentials. Pre-boarding allows you to beat the rush and secure additional time and room to stow away your bags, secure overhead compartments, and get your child settled in. You can say goodbye to the stress of squeezing bags into tight spaces while holding your child’s hand. With pre-boarding, you have the freedom to make sure everything is in place, ensuring a smooth takeoff.

Stress-Free Transition:
Navigating the airport and boarding process can be overwhelming for children, especially with the crowds and noise. Pre-boarding offers a stress-free transition by allowing you to acclimate your child to the aircraft environment without the hustle and bustle of general boarding. Your child can familiarize themselves with the seats and surroundings and even meet the flight attendants, which helps alleviate anxiety and create a calmer atmosphere for both of you.

Why choosing pre-boarding
Why choosing pre-boarding

Entertainment Prep:
We all know how important entertainment is to keep our little ones occupied during a flight. Pre-boarding gives you the time and space to organize your child’s entertainment essentials, from favorite toys and coloring books to tablets and headphones. You can ensure everything is easily accessible and ready to go, allowing your child to enjoy various activities and have a fun-filled flight experience.

Hassle-Free Settling:
Once you’ve gone through security and found your way to the gate, pre-boarding allows you to quickly settle into your seats. This option eliminates the rush and stress of finding space for your carry-on bags and making your child comfortable. You can prioritize attending to their needs, whether helping them fasten their seatbelt, organizing their belongings, or offering them a reassuring cuddle. Starting the journey calmly and settled sets a positive tone for the entire flight.

Why choosing pre-boarding

Traveling with children no longer has to be a daunting task. By choosing pre-boarding and embracing the innovative travel solution the BedBox™ offers, you can transform your family’s travel experience into a stress-free and enjoyable adventure. The benefits of pre-boarding, including comfort, convenience, extra time and space, stress-free transitions, and hassle-free settling, make a significant difference in ensuring your child’s well-being and happiness during the flight.

Share your experiences and let us know how pre-boarding and the BedBox™ have enhanced your family’s travel journeys and join the JetKids Crew!

Happy travels and #LetsGoKiddo!


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